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Analyzes, develops and implements a general strategy for the socio-economic development of the Maloritskiy district. Coordinates the work of the structural divisions of the district executive committee in terms of the economic development of the Maloritskiy district. Organizes work with senior staff in the field of activity.

Supervises issues:

  • economics, pricing, property relations, non-cash payments, statistics and analysis;
  • interaction with banks in terms of lending to industrial organizations and investment projects;
  • entrepreneurship and investment activities;
  • insurance activities, government marks and securities;
  • foreign economic and regional relations;
  • industry, quality and competitiveness of industrial products;
  • trade, public services, roadside services (in terms of trade and catering);
  • development of the distribution network;
  • implementation of international technical assistance programs operating in the Republic of Belarus;
  • reforming state organizations and organizations with a share of the state;
  • consumer protection;
  • public associations of entrepreneurs and employers;
  • interaction with the public advisory (expert) Council for the development of entrepreneurship;
  • outdoor advertising on the territory of the Maloritskiy district;
  • the functioning of the financial system at the regional level;
  • timely payment of wages in supervised industries;
  • reduction of unjustified and unfair mediation;
  • regulation of public procurement and procurement at own expense;
  • scientific and technological progress;
  • development of innovation and intellectual property;
  • implementation of social standards for servicing the population of the district;
  • employment of the population;
  • Energy saving;
  • supervision of the rational use of fuel and energy resources;
  • the digital economy.

Coordinates activities:

  • Department of Statistics of the Maloritskiy district of the Main Statistical Department of the Brest region;
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Maloritskiy canning and drying Plant";
  • Maloritskiy district Consumer Society;
  • Joint-stock company "Kvartsmelprom";
  • branch of the Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company "Belgosstrakh" in the Maloritskiy district;
  • the Department for work with payers in the Maloritskiy district of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus in the Kobrin district;
  • The Malorite Bureau of the Kobrin branch of the republican unitary enterprise "Brest Agency for State Registration and Land Cadastre";
  • the unitary production enterprise "Diona" of the Public Association "Belarusian Society of the Disabled";
  • the District Council on Labor and Social Issues;
  • branch trade unions;
  • monitoring compliance with legislation in the field of safety (including fire and industrial) in subordinate organizations.


  • the Commission for the Prevention of Economic insolvency (bankruptcy) and compliance with payment discipline;
  • a commission to verify knowledge on labor protection issues;
  • the commission for holding a competition to select the performers of the activities of subprogram 8 "Quality and accessibility of household services" of the State program "Comfortable housing and a favorable environment" for 2021-2025";
  • the Commission for control over the execution of transactions on the disposal of state property;
  • a mobile group (for the rapid identification, prevention and elimination of violations of labor protection legislation and the prevention of accidents in agriculture, construction, and small business organizations);
  • the Commission for the coordination of public procurement of goods (works, services) from a single source;
  • commissions for saving fuel and energy resources and monitoring the timely repayment of debts for consumed energy resources;
  • the working group on conducting a storage survey;
  • the working group on monitoring the situation in problematic industrial organizations (with the exception of the building materials industry and processing industries);
  • the working group on the involvement in economic turnover of unused and inefficiently used property owned by the Maloritskiy district;
  • the district commission on labor protection;
  • The Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship under the Malorita district Executive Committee;
  • a working group for monitoring the restoration of order at facilities and adjacent territories in subordinate organizations;
  • an expert commission (to review the feasibility studies (business plans) submitted by the unemployed on the effectiveness of organizing entrepreneurial activities, providing services in the field of agroecotourism, handicraft activities).

Carries out general control over the fulfillment of requirements:

  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 6 dated May 7, 2012 "On stimulating entrepreneurial activity in medium-sized, small urban settlements, rural areas";
  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 5 dated December 15, 2014 "On strengthening requirements for senior personnel and employees of organizations";
  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 7 dated November 23, 2017 "On the development of entrepreneurship";
  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8 dated December 21, 2017 "On the development of the digital economy";
  • Directives of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 1 dated March 11, 2004 "On measures to strengthen public safety and discipline";
  • Directives of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 2 dated December 27, 2006 "On the de-bureaucratization of the State apparatus and improving the quality of life support for the population";
  • Directives of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated June 14, 2007 No. 3 "On priority areas for strengthening the economic security of the State";
  • Directives of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated December 31, 2010 No. 4 "On the development of entrepreneurial initiative and stimulation of business activity in the Republic of Belarus".

Provides general guidance on the implementation of:

  • The State program "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" for 2021-2025, approved by Resolution No. 56 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated January 29, 2021;
  • The State program of innovative development of the Republic of Belarus for 2021-2025, approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated September 15, 2021 No. 348;
  • The State program "Labor Market and Employment Promotion" for 2021-2025, approved by Resolution No. 777 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated December 30, 2020.


Carries out the management of activities:

  • Department of Economics of the district Executive Committee;
  • the Department of Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the district Executive Committee (regarding the issues of improving the wage system and labor rationing in the sectors of the economy, labor relations, employment).


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