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Chairman of the district council of deputies


Олег Петрович

phone (+375 1651) 2-00-33

  • He heads the Council, directs its work, and ensures interaction with the Maloritskiy District Executive Committee.
  • represents the Council in relations with other government agencies, other organizations and citizens;
  • heads the Presidium of the Council;
  • manages the staff of the Council;
  • convenes sessions of the Council, organizes work on the preparation of sessions of the Council, meetings of its Presidium, conducts these meetings, ensures control over the implementation of decisions taken;
  • sends draft decisions of the Council to the relevant permanent commissions for conclusion, gives instructions to the chairmen of the permanent commissions;
  • submits proposals for the consideration of the Council on the cancellation of orders of the chairman of the district executive committee, decisions of the district executive committee, village Councils of Deputies, orders of the chairmen of village Councils of Deputies that do not comply with the legislation;
  • organizes the work of the Council for the consideration of appeals from citizens and legal entities, maintaining a book of comments and suggestions. If necessary, makes proposals on such appeals for consideration by the Council session;
  • signs decisions and minutes of meetings of the Council, its Presidium, issues orders;
  • reports to the Council on the state of affairs in the subordinate territory and on other issues within its competence, submits to the sessions of the Council, to the population, as necessary, but at least once a year, reports on its activities, the activities of the Presidium of the Council, and also informs citizens about the state of affairs in the territory subordinate to the Council;
  • exercises other powers provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


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